Rear strut noise. Replace BOTH rear trailing arm assemblies even if ONLY one side is emitting the squeak noise Over the last year, I have experienced an increase in noise in the rear suspension, esp Ford dealer checked the suspension and drive axles, and claimed no mechanical problem 758 Posts 30 The other option is to change the springs I get a weird rubbing like noise at low speeds when i rapidly brake or steer to left or right X swaybar link or swaybar mount bushings usually cause this There are several things that could be causing the knocking sound from the rear suspension You will see it head on near the bottom of the wheel well I have the Tesla J1772 adaptor cord and just that in the trunk Asked by midwater in Gloucester, MA on January 30, 2014 I just started hearing it a few days ago Joined Jul 30, 2007 I'm new to this forum and just got my 2015 R/T D on Monday Watch the center nut for movement 2017 Nissan Maxima Platinum RIP 2011 Nissan Maxima SV RIP 2008 Nissan Altima 3 2012 Avalon with 16,000 miles on it Rattlehunter Joined Oct 30, 2002 350 Posts If the noise occurs while driving over bumps with a strut, then the upper mounting plate should be inspected and replaced if necessary They checked the rear suspension and had to order some new parts I've been chasing a squeaky right rear suspension problem on a 2007 sedan for a month If there is an area where the bushing rubber is touching a part that moves the silicone will allow that movement without noise The squeaky noise is usually just a sign that the bushings need a drop of lube one wheel at a time About 2 weeks ago it was in the 50s and the noise stopped but as of lately it’s been pretty cold Joined Jan 31, 2019 Rear Suspension Noise FOUND IT! Rear Suspension Noise FOUND IT! By Setright, January 15, 2004 in 1990 to Present Legacy, Impreza, Outback, Forester, Baja, WRX My next step was to remove the rear seat and check the top strut mount Quote; Link to comment Share on other sites " It is a major THUMP every time you hit a bump of any kind in the road It happens on fairly large sharp bumps and is worse when the suspension is loaded on the right side (going around a left hand corner) Had this happen on mine Just picked up they replaced rear sway bar links and bushings at no charge So an update with the suspension noise The bushings should fit the factory shocks as well Ever since i have done a few hard trips to the ring this year i have had a knocking noise from the n/s/r This is a 2016 Rav4 Hybrid Limited with the power liftgate My first guess was worn out bushings allowing metal-to-metal contact, broken sway bar end-links, or worn out shock mounts (top or bottom) Next you'll need a socket to pull the bolt for the shocks Superior rubber reduces noise, vibration and harshness I hear a loud knock from my rear suspension whenever I go over an uneven bump at low speeds It sounds pretty much like a balpean hammer hitting something on the back of the car Its quite annoying and only is on the drivers side I've also replaced the sway bar bushings recently Apr 7, 2009 49200 mi Sep 28, 2012 #11 IntrigdIrishGuy Yeah this noise isn’t normal, I never remember it doing this last winter It was both rear lower control arms, and connecting rod Strut Noise watch video new kyb 1 day old? Please help 2) Not So Good Vibrations I had the same problem last spring on my lw300 Makes the leaves move easier And, the dealership CANNOT find anything wrong with it Central VA When going over bumps, increasingly loud (over several months) clocking noise from rear off side (UK driver side) Shock part number for touring suspension (sales code SDC) 68144549AC I do have snow tires on all wheels, but noticed it in summer also with The moment he tapped at rear left underside of the suspension strut (I think its called ) (it goes across between the rear wheels) he recreated the rattling noise I drive a 2000 328ci He managed to get two fingers in with difficulty through the narrow gap that runs the length of the strut and retrieved the fairly large stone I have on order new drop links for all 4 corners Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 22, 2014 Handling didn't feel right either and so he took it back to the dealership Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 27, 2018 It had become very annoying and I felt like people outside the car wer Top 9 Bad Strut Mount Symptoms After a few years of damp and salty weather, they oxidized and crumbled into white powder Similar situation: 2007 Civic Sedan LX with 'sloppy' rear suspension noise more noticeable on passenger side #2 · Aug 22, 2011 Dealer replaced struts and strut plates 5L 4x2 EL Calibre 7AT 2 I thought it couldve just been something loose in the trunk Correction 1 Install one washer on the top of BOTH rear shock absorbers following the Service Procedure Correction 1 listed below Rear Suspension Noise The car has new tyres and i also changed the strut from where the noise was coming from but its still there, the noise occurs mostly on bumpy Top 9 Bad Strut Mount Symptoms it sounds possible because it sounds like rubber rubbing noise My mileage is only 26,000km now Noise reduces or disappears at higher speeds 8) Rubber in Poor Condition We took the back wheels off and found the rubber boot that covers the strut is rubbing against the coil spring #4 · Jan 15, 2013 You will need to Joined Oct 8, 2005 eafairmontghia · elghia looking like blue Just be glad it is the rear struts you are working on An Audi tech accessed the bumper fastener through the rear brake light housing and tightened in a rear suspension noise, 95 YJ 9 times out of 10 it makes the noise but there are random times it stops By 99Mastercraft, December 27, 2018 in 2014 - 2019 Silverado & Sierra 2WD It sounds like the trunk lid is bouncing or there is something loose rolling around in the trunk Aging Ball 44000 mi Because the tire isn’t being held firmly to the road, the tread wears in The rear suspension makes a Thumping noise like something was loose in the trunk over sharp bumps-cracks in concrete W203 rear suspension noise Thread starter Beno; Start date Jan 13, 2013; Tags noise rear suspension w203 Jan 13, 2013 #1 Beno Active Member The noise: When i first heard it I thought there was a loose panel or something hitting the side of the car By First Name Mike Joined Sep 30, 2020 Threads 29 Messages 552 Reaction score 528 Location So I finally fixed the creaking noise coming from my rear suspension and just wanted to share with you all in case anyone runs into the same problem The noise can be a multitude of things such as: bad struts, bad end-links, cracked springs, old bushings, cross member, control arms, tie rod, etc 5) Tire Wear Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk Sent from my SM-N960U using Thank you SungofD · Registered Apr 26, 2005 L Discussion Starter · #1 · May 24, 2015 To confirm it wasn't this, I drove the car down my driveway a few times without the shock RAGTP66 12 Posts This then led me to believe that it must be a rear suspension Recently, I have been hearing a clunking noise in the rear, right tire region when hitting bumps, both small and large So then I replaced the 2 lower control arms with new Lexus items on each side over joints in the road at highway speeds Registered 5 SE What about a CLUNK type noise when hitting bumps? Rear struts are fine and it sounds like the trunk lid but all the adjustment in the world doesn’t stop it There is no direct relation to bumpy road When the outside temperatures drop to around minus 20 C and lower, a squeaky noise occurs in the rear suspension when travelling over bumps and dips on the paved roads 2010 Mazda 5 61,000 mi, Visitor Might be worth the time doing a few google searches - to Joined May 31, 2010 #6 I put the car on the lift and tightened everything in sight, but Rear suspension noise Started with rear suspension noise,driving me crazy I had my rear shock replaced at 3000 miles My daughters friend hit a big pothole yesterday (2018 HR-V, just bought it a few weeks earlier) and it started making a clunking noise in the right rear whenever she hit a bump Since then I'v replaced the strut top And the squeaking should be happening at all speeds, its just that you can hear hear it at lower speeds because other noises (wind,road, etc) are not drowning it out If the noises coming from the top strut mounts I normally replaced the strut plate/mount with a factory strut mount and put a thick coating of silicone paste between the top of the strut mount and where it mates to the body surface before bolting to 3 nuts on 8L It sounds to be coming from top rear suspension on right hand side Apparently the noise stopped on the drivers side but there was a similar noise that was drowned out by the drivers shock on the passenger side #2 · Aug 6, 2007 09-30-2004, 04:59 PM Go to your local parts store and find out how much new struts cost 5i, simply just apply grease to the strut The dealer said at the time that this was a known problem 1)The plastic shroud around the trunk latch can be loose Bounce the suspension and see if it is the rear sway bar bushings The passenger rear has a rattle (like loose parts) and the driver side has a squawking noise when the suspension is HolyCrapItsFast 197 Posts Otherwise it doesn't make the noise #3 · Jan 23, 2019 There was nothing "the thing has excessive noise from the rear left over small bumps and uneven pavement The car has developed a noise in the rear that occurs on smooth surfaces, eg concrete and at reasonably low speed, and when I run over a small bumps, say a cat's eye (reflective marker) I initially thought is was the wooden sub-floor beneath the carpet in the boot Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 25, 2011 Make sure you get as far into the upper strut mount as you can I changed the shock absorbers to KYB a couple thousand miles ago and I'm still getting clunks from the rear suspension All you do is grab those 2 suspension lines, cut them, flare it and loop them together Rear suspension makes strange noises upon backing up/stopping; 3 Replaced leaking front strut, no change in noise I got KYB on my van had to replaced the rear due to worn out shock bushings and had to replace my front struts due to one was leaking now my whole suspension is KYB my van rides better than went it was new The simplest thing is to make sure nothing is in the trunk that is bouncing around 2004 suzuki savage 650 specs 6 Model: Plug-in Advanced 26 Posts Upon several attemps to find and fix a terrible rear noise, It was discovered that the rear stabilizer bar mounting bushings were worn enough that the bar would continue to rattle all the time in motion 70k on the stock suspension The easiest way to check is to go under the vehicle while the suspension is under load I started having them lately, not sure if it is the cold weather or some other reason Might be worth a try, it was quite noisy Well I have some noise coming from my driver's side rear suspension It sounds exactly like a problem I had on my GTI, which was a loose swaybar end link bolt There are a number of possible possible culprits if the noise can be traced back to the shock Any change in sound indicates further investigation In the W212 Platform, the Front suspension set-up was changed from a Double Wishbone set-up in the W211 to a I drive a 2000 328ci #3 · Jul 11, 2009 hfd9052 A common mistake for many Camry owners is to assume the reason for the noise is that the rear suspension struts require replacement It is a ready-to-install replacement strut assembly, which include all the components required for strut replacement in a single unit Mine does this in the cold too, and goes away in the summer When inspecting the area, keep in mind the side to side and front to back motion at the cradle You may want to try some basic stuff first - make sure the spare is tight, check the exhaust hangers, also see if the rear seat position affects the noise You’ll typically hear the noise when the vehicle is traveling over irregularities in the road The drivers (right hand drive) side rear caliper seems to be causing the knock Demon Spawn I have a Chrysler 300 with an annoying thump clunk and rattle that appears to be coming from the drivers side rear area Sounds like it's almost right behind me and is very prominent Strut noise At first I thought it may have been the cable Brake clicking noises: occur whenever applying light brake pressure 543 Posts However the rear driver side does not now touch the brakes to see if the noise cuts off or increases Rear noise in the left suspension First guess would be axle The most common is when a worn out strut mount produces a clunking or rattling noise If it is not the grease issue, you may try checking the suspension by jacking up the pax rear arm and seeing if anything is loose "under load" My car is just out of warranty (!) and the noise seems to have started up again (a sort of knocking from the rear when going over My stock rear suspension starting squeaking at about $50k miles People have described the noise as clunking, clicking, and popping I made a video and highlighted the noise in the first minute, but the noise can be heard through out the video, especially from 2:40 - 3:10 Recently had my B8 A4 2 The clunking sound is the piece of plastic sliding and hitting this clip It definitely sounds to me like a loose suspension component, not the exhaust " Couldn't describe my situation any better I hear strange noises in the back brakes, not constant but random and getting louder when it does happen; 5 #8 · Jun 23, 2020 Driver's side front strut making a knocking noise when cold, ride quality slightly less smooth, fluid evident on the outside of strut Have you looked at the rear swaybar bushings, the holes become worn and oval shaped causing a rattle from the rear over bumps my old 03 protégé 5 had this issue and we changed the swaybar, swaybar links and swaybar mounts/bushings and it still always did it (changing the links made it quieter) but it never went 100% away The car is a 6 2004 suzuki savage 650 specs 2 Noise starts when you hit road speed and any bump will get it rattling After checking the trunk and ruling out any issues there, I listened more carefully and it seems the noise is coming from around the passenger side rear wheel Automotive Mechanic You'll notice it most when coming to a stop or taking off from a stop I had a knocking/rattling noise from my passenger rear side only when going over bumps (2009 S5) Look on the other side of the passenger rear tire, slightly towards the rear of the tire I'll bet you donuts it's the rear sway bar end links that got loosened up I have even tugged on the mufflers and they hardly move, so it's not them bouncing of the frame To correct the problem it is necessary to replace the bushing (s) which are causing the noise/vibration With the car on the ground retighten the upper mount first and then retighten the bottom Some 2006-2007 Focus vehicles produced after 9/29/2005 may exhibit a squeaking noise from the rear of the vehicle over bumps Back in the 2007 driving season my midget developed an annoying clunking noise on the passenger rear suspension, I put it on the hoist & checked the rear lever shock oil level, pulled / pushed on all the suspension components & check the leafs for any broken springs - all seemed fine, I even resorted to taking the spare tire, jack & tool bag out to see if the source The 2012 Ford Mustang has 1 problems reported for rear suspension noise I've seen some examples where it was severe enough that it came through the mount into the trunk Performance White A good inspection should determine the culprit The vehicles were built within a 16-day 1 Posts See of all 3 bolts are tight JimmyH^_^ · Fuel Save Mode rUsMishka said: Hey guys! I have an 05 OBW 3 This condition may be caused by the rear knuckle making solid contact, resulting in early failures with the bushings All stock Morning All, I apologise if this has been covered before, but after some advice I've checked the obvious signs such as emptying the boot, taking out the boot liner etc, definitely nothing loose there Rear suspension noise The noise is more pronounced when it is loaded You may want to replace both sides Step 3: Drive the vehicle over bumps or potholes The damaged bushing was obvious, I have pictures Both sounds seemed to be coming from the back seat or rear parcel tray Hope I,ve been some help I can pretty much hear the noise even on slight bumps but it is most noticeable with bigger bumps Basically whenever we put weight on the car 5 (not an STi unfortunately) and have joined after reading the thread on noisy rear suspension #6 · Mar 16, 2018 They replaced the right rear strut and did a 4 wheel alignment which is good since my wife likes to kiss the curb but the service tech still hears the noise so he read the forum and removed the strut covers in front but still has the noise #3 · Dec 13, 2011 On 'above wheel closer to strut' = the dust 'boot' of the shock seems kind of worn, as does the isolation rubber at the bottom of the spring Since then I'v replaced the strut top 2nd visit to dealer: test drive with service advisor, he hears noise, makes notes 18 Posts This noise is only at say 3 to 10 mph I think the bed acts as a specially design acoustic amplifier that amplifies small thuds into loud clunks that appear to come from beneath the truck Juke Nismo 2013 with 11K miles 3L front suspension rattle clunk Disgusting, almost smells like plastic burning or burning rotten eggs; 4 Suspension knocking noises: occur at slow speeds over irregular pavement particularly during vehicle rolling, pitching and heaving "Tech can find nothing wrong but will replace strut and upper strut mount" because tech doesn't know what else to do 2005 Rear suspension noise kceesar said: I have had a suspension noise in the rear since day one (a little over 2 weeks now) (1)The upper shock mounts maybe over tightened Rear suspension creaking at low speeds over speed bumps, uneven surfaces Suspension noise is a bad carry-over problem with the Infiniti brand Bushings are the most common joints in your suspension system and also the most likely to case a squeaky suspension 23,902 Posts Few weeks ago I swapped out my old stock struts for a pair of Monroe quick struts Both times mechanics said they cannot find anything wrong, nothing is lose with the suspension, and there are no TSBs As the car aged began to notice a lot of clunking and rattling sounds coming from the wheels/suspension, even on small bumps or uneven road surfaces The noise seems to be coming from the driver's side front, and I have replaced the driver's side hub assembly, sway bar bushings, and control arms on the front end as of Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 21, 2013 Check the leaf spring shackle bushings, likely worn out Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 1, 2015 Suspension clatter is a common problem which generates quite a few TSBs I made sure the bar was centered, pretty darn close Bushings are basically rubber sleeves that go between the frame of your vehicle and the suspension component I have a 2009 G8/GT that is making the same type noise in the rear suspension, passenger side $94 When inspecting strut mounting hardware, many of these types of components can stretch Rear suspension thumping noise Those pesky squeaks form the REAR suspension of your car can be frustrating to say the least Happens over bumps, around turns, even with accelerating Rear suspension noise!!! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts #4 · Aug 18, 2016 00BLKBB6 Recently replaced the two front struts and noticed the passenger side is exhibiting this peculiar clunking/clicking/popping sound when turning I'm getting a creaking noise from the rear suspension going over dips or speed bumps It is very noticeable on any rough road 29000 mi I have a 2020 OB with only 4600 miles and I just recently noticed a noise that I think is coming in the rear passenger side tire area Have same noise on my 19 LTD on the rear under suspension compression when coming down from a speed bump I have been following this cursed noise for a very long time on our 2013 Malibu Check the boots for cracks or grease seeping out So my wife's 2014 Outback has always had this annoying squeak/creak noise whenever we get in and out of the car Slide them out to reveal the tops of the suspension units Had the noise for a month now locate the valve under the car, and follow the 2 lines under the car all the way to the front 2004 suzuki savage 650 specs Registered The noise is most obvious when you're traveling at low speeds (< 10mph) Also, on some (all?) cars, when you mess with the struts you will need an alignment Tags noise rear suspension 2004 suzuki savage 650 specs 2008 Rogue SL Shock Part number for performance suspension (SDD) and commercial suspension (SDH) 68138247AC I am new to this forum although not new to BMW ownership (E30 320SE, E36 328 Touring and currently an E36 320) and am having problems locating some rear suspension noise on the 320 which I thought was rear shock top mounts Clarity12 said: Just got an 18 a couple months ago, overall awesome car It appears you’ve done a pretty good job of diagnosing a possible problem with either your rear strut or rear stabilizer bar There's been a lot of posts about this problem Particularly with shock or strut noises, unloading the suspension might be the reason for a clunk or rattle Joined Jul 15, 2015 Car has developed an interesting noise from the rear left suspension The vehicle is 08 Forester XT Sport with the following modifications That might solve your problem Sometimes it is louder and will make a clunking noise, but it happens even on just slightly bumpy roads Wiggle the frame and upper control arm using a pry bar and check for play in your bushing sleeve mslc791 said: The car is '01 C240 His started making the same noise right after he purchased the car 2litre camry and i has a very annoying clunking noise coming from the rear left side strut You’ll typically hear the noise Re: rear suspension noise If that happens to you, I doubt you will describe the noise as "a creaking Some worn-out struts (but not all) will make noises that can alert you to their declining state No recall on rear shocks I am aware of, as that is not a safety issue at all, just an annoyance Rear suspension still sounds sloppy or loose The rear Escape suspension has two small coil springs I am thinking either a bad tire, bad bearing hub, or a bad suspension such as strut or bushing in the right rear Particularly when I have some weight in the trunk - golf clubs, etc Recently changed all 4 corners to AP coilovers If they are have the rear up slightly, have some one put a crow bar under the tire and lift up on the tire Two adults and two kids <4 yr-old Have the test drive with someone at the wheels while you confirm the spot - front or rear The clunks come when the leading edge of the rear tires hit a bump Only show this user It sounds like is coming from the shock 832 Posts This will usually require you to consider the rear struts replacement cost I was able to reproduce the noise by vigorously pushing against the bumper Discussion Starter · #9 · Jan 10, 2013 He checked the car suspension and any parts that he can think of and they all look ok Tim Charlet 7) Damaged Components The noise happens periodically and the dealership has been unable to hear it when it is there onsite A few days after putting it all together I noticed a clunking noise which arises when the suspension drops over a small pothole or something The GD chassis Impreza WRX STI are notorious for rear strut clunk, most especially on speed bumps Still trying to isolate the rear suspension noise in my Patriot To get a suspension noise diagnosed, find a location near the dealership where you can cause the noise to occur Rear trailing arms replaced because of premature wear in bushings with updated bushings level 2 recently changed my old struts with oem struts 2 days after i realize a clunking noise that progressivly got worse found the tsb for the strut mounts and ordered the revised strut mounts installed them made sure everything was tight and cluncking returns :cursing: 05 Mustang 4 it's a soul thing That can be a common thing if a suspension bushing it work and twisting in the socket or if a bushing was not tightened down with the vehicle weight was not on it Inhave this noise often on the 4500 and actually spray them with a product called Woolwax Only problem is a nagging noise that sounds almost like the jack and tire iron are rattling in the trunk (noise comes from Passenger side rear suspension area Aside from ball joints, cars can also have regular rubber mounts and ball joints The best way to describe it is it sounds like the loose lumber sound that the old J bodys had when the top strut mounts were bad in the rear If you can, pop the rear tire off and inspect the suspension mounts for cracked rubber or worn out parts Returned to the dealer spoke to manager Reactions: Bob Perry and Jordie 81000 mi: Clunk in driver side, fairly random, cause unclear after detailed inspection and strut replacement Aged bushings allow excess suspension noise and can cause all sorts of noises My 2005 was making a few different noises in the front end, and of course when I took someone from the place it wouldn't really replicate the noises Picked up, same noise So far it seems that the consensus to the rear rubble/noise is that the resolution is replacement of the rear strut mount recommended by TSB's 2029953/2, 2029953/3 and 2029953/5 The strut clunk is also happened in my 07 2 My impression is that the struts need to be replaced, but would like an opinion from this forum The squeaking is quite irritating in the cabin, especially on a new car purchased the fall of 2012 My mechanic buddy is rarely stumped (keeps older Caddies I have a 2010 sportage with the same problem Shocks typically last a long time but can wear out and no longer hold pressure 2020 Clarity Touring I used to work at a pontiac dealer and 96-98 grand ams were notorious for it they have a kit to fix it which should work fine on the rsx too you just take off the frame part of the 23,860 Posts Note: If you have a unibody vehicle, then the sound will come from the sub-frames that hold up the engine and rear suspension I tightened up the inner nut some more, followed by the top nut and now the right side assembly sticks up more than the other side (as it did before I even replaced the struts, which is something I can't figure out), but the clunking noise is somewhat diminished I have megan adjustable upper control arms and neuspeed lowering springs I was attempting to determine which of the ball joints was Sedona SX 3 Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 24, 2011 621 miles 2 in the rear seat makes it even worse and with 3 in the rear seat even a small bump is a big thing then It may not be in its proper position on the shaft of the shock 48 Posts 1,928 Posts The noise comes from the tops of the suspension units where the plastic/rubber pads that are on the tops of the suspension and the body of the car 6) Excessive Movement Don't worry, take it to the dealer or whoever and check the end links bushings/make sure everything is tight Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 22, 2017 You may also hear a clunking noise If you are riding in the passenger seat it sounds like it is coming from the driver Only show this user Refer to TIS, applicable model and model year Repair Manual: 2014 – 2018 Highlander: Suspension – Rear Suspension – “Rear Suspension: Rear Trailing Arm: Removal / Installation” 2019 Highlander: It's on the right, rear side After the recent change of my struts, I here a metal-on-metal noise whenever I hit the tiniest bumps in the road, even at crawling speeds (I know it's not the UCA's) One of the easiest bad strut mount symptoms to recognize is strut mount noise I'd try spraying the possible problem areas with either silicone spray or perhaps WD-40 #10 One when the rear wheels go up the speed-ramp and the other when it runs down the ramp and hit onto the trailing edge of the ramp Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts Do this about half a dozen times before reinstalling the shock My 2005 FWD 4-cylinder, 5-speed Vue has a rear suspension thump on bumps as small as cut lines in pavement Well when I drive my car under 20mph there is a loud thumping noise in the rear Also about a year ago I had the lower control arms and sway bar bushings done Joined Sep 2, 2020 · 15 Posts I have a noise coming from the rear suspension of my 2005 AWD 300C #3 · Aug 12, 2021 I have done the read more Posts: 3 Joined Oct 10, 2008 Clunking noise in rear suspension Nissan qashqai noise when accelerating Nissan qashqai noise when accelerating Joined Jul 26, 2002 · 651 Posts 2010 Ford Fusion Sport No noise and rides like new You feel vibrations, loud noises of silentblocks on your Mazda CX 5; If you are noticing loud noises, it is a good bet that some of the strut mount noises of your Mazda CX 5 are caused by the end of life of one of them 3) Steering Issues Although the struts may be worn, replacing the bushings will likely eliminate the annoying rattling noise, and should be considered first before performing an expensive strut replacement Matched grade studs Rear subframe bushes - weak/delaminating #2 · Nov 4, 2017 (Edited) I found at least 2 sources of trunk noises similar to what you describe There's so much movement at the cradle bushings that it stands to reason that if the cable, or anything else that's cradle mounted can touch it will make noise This sounds like classic strut clunk Squeaking Rear Suspension Rear control arms recently replaced, rear shocks recently replaced I have a creaking noise (sounds like a bad leaf spring in a truck)from the rear suspension in my E It could also be dry rubber bushings such as your sway bar bushings Noticeable on slower turns and at speed (vs in stop and go traffic), and from the rear left Also even checked the rear seats are 1 hour ago · O Brake and Front End Staff The models under the W212 platform were E200, E250, E300, E350, E400, E500 and E63 It's about a 17mm nut that won't stay tight because it was installed wrong Sounded like in the trunk I have had all the suspension to pieces, checked all the bushes and they all seem ok Knocking noises when driving over bumps So the strut rod passes thru a metal mounting plate with rubber bushings Hi all! A few weeks ago I decided to remove the rear anti-roll bar and paint it red 1 hour ago · O Jack up the car and safely support it on axle stands And lately I also have a metal clunk noise when going in any small hole on driver side from the rear My Subaru dealer seem to be convinced that this is an internal problem with the Shock but these have been replaced and I still have the noise But not sure The dealer couldn't replicate the clunking noise in the right rear, the only suggestion was to greasetrhe sway bar bushings It almost sounds and feels like I have 80 psi in the rear tires The upper spring/strut mount in the rear of these cars was cast aluminum Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 18 of 18 Posts I started noticing a very annoying old mattress type creaking noise when the suspension was articulated, was worse Rear Suspension Noise found and fixed Have been waiting 2 weeks to date for parts #11 · Aug 9, 2015 I would think it was from the sway bar bushings, but you said it made the noise immediately after replacing them The more travel on the suspension the louder 7 The noise can be described as a kind of dull rattle Check for deformity and cracks on the bushings Your Camry's suspension is all rubber-mounted, meaning that there are a series of rubber bushings throughout the front and rear suspension of the vehicle Rear tire rod ends don't show wear Sounds like it is at the top of the shock absorber Falkin tires 912 225-45 -17 Cobb sway bar Kartboy end links Swift springs Cusco rear sub frame brace GT Spec rear strut bar Thanks, SQC146 189 Posts Shock: a single shock on each side is bolted to the spindle at the bottom and through the body with a rubber mount at the top It sounded like a low pitched squeaking/clunking, like something was rubbing Noise With a Strut The factory replacement mount is now steel mutiger93gt I greased the tabs on the ends of the rear brake pad holders, and put brake quiet on the backs of the pads where the caliper contact points are Correction 2 Replace the rear knuckle if adding the two washersDOES NOTresolve the rattling noise MarkNYC said: My 2015 Impala LT has 55,000 miles on it I looked at it for her and found that the rubber (actually dense foam) ring that goes under the large washer of the upper strut mount had I've constantly been dealing with rear suspension noise for some time with my V-maxx kit We investigate the source of squeaks on the Dodge Charger and f Noisy Rear Suspension Hi All I am a new member with an 06 WRX 2 Mercedes W212 Suspension Set-up #2 · Feb 10, 2019 There will be a definite settling or popping up of the rear struts Have that in advance so you can take the service writer or tech for a short ride, and they can hear it for themselves Myself and Technician went out for a drive and he immediately acknowledged the sound Driver's side rear is making a consistent noise, sometimes creaking/popping, but also sometimes sounds like banging, with loading or unloading the suspension Rear figure eight link bushes perished Anyone have any ideas or have Fast forward they replaced the shock and when I went to pick it up they told me they would also be replacing the passenger rear shock It's not a metal-on-metal noise but more a metal-on-rubber noise Just the design of the rear suspension; it's virtually impossible to keep it quiet Morning John, a discussed before Drop links - look for snapped anti-roll bar drop links and worn/perished rubber bushes at their ends Both absorbers and absorber mounting seems ok More sharing options 1 Lucky Texan Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts I have RD Sway Bars and my mechanic thought it was the sway bar links which were fairly worn The struts are solid units that allow the chassis, wheel assembly and body to move cohesively when a bump is hit while driving #3 · Jan 27, 2010 Clunking or creaking sounds when turning the wheel are also common My 2006 4*4 V6 is making noise at low speed from the rear wheel parts Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts Let the replies begin and I thank you all in advance Their main action is to absorb vibrations 71 Posts It's a knocking sound with a quiet ring to it I had to replace the bar recently because the bolts had seized inside the rear suspension noise The noise is still there it only ever did it Hi all 2014 - 2019 Silverado & Sierra It's a pretty common problem The sound is very comparable to a dry bushing creak Now the noise is getting louder Service advisor found a note about this issue with a recommendation to check the right rear bump stop In the section above, we described the kind of noises a bad strut mount can make #8 · May 15, 2007 It mostly happens when turning in motion but once in a while when parked And, it seems to happen more often when the rear right tire hits an imperfection in the road Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 10 Any noise to be identified need a perfect OBSERVATION of the spot of generation Bad strut sounds are usually described as a hollow clunking or banging type of sound Joined Aug 4, 2011 Messages 342 Location Essex Car C350 CDI My C270 has started to develop some noise from the nearside rear end, It can best be described as sounding like something lose in the boot The rear suspension has a very loud squeak/creak from both sides I wasn't able to duplicate the noise by pushing the rear suspension up&down, but knew it was bad since it bounced a few times before stopping It sounds like a knock from the inside and a rattle on the outside So for example when accelerating from stop and the rear end "squats" the noise occurs and then after the initial loading of the suspension and it rebounds to 8,347 Posts A D V E R T I S E M E N T S Both front struts and all that goes with it where replaced last week The source of this noise could be the forward inner control arm bushing 5" strut spacers (Rough Country) - 1 2004 suzuki savage 650 specs Update Ole good news bad news situation However, if it sounds like a creaking video and they just changed out the shocks/struts it could be a bushing creaking Recently started hearing some weird noise from the rear right Turns out it comes from the upper bushing on the rear shocks Above that , the noise completely goes away I have the 2011, but my little brother has the 2012 I assume the noise is coming from the sway bar bushing so I remove the anti roll Jack up the rear end and you could even pull the tire off using the one from honda in the back I checked the TSB n it advises to change the damper collars n self locking nuts Due to bad call on the struts Could be shocks, sway bar components, bushings etc I think he called it the right rear end link Preparing the vehicle to check the leaf spring shackles V #4 · Aug 16, 2011 01-28-2005, 06:45 AM Also can't seem to get rid of a high speed vibration Joined Jun 26, 2011 Nothing is loose in the trunk that would be rattling Joined Jun 1, 2010 · 2,613 Posts Failure Date: 12/17/2020 Damn squeak was still there Open the trunk and wiggle the black plastic around the trunk latch on the trunk lid By osirus9, October 8, 2013 in S30 Series - 1 hour ago · O 0 and I have been trying to get rid of a rattle in my suspension to no avail Very bad odor coming from a/c vents It has been making an unusual clunking noise in the last several months which seems to be coming from the rear suspension or chassis area Car is making a noise Inspection Im fairly new to the WRX scene, but anyways back to my prob 1 - The noise comes from the passenger side, both front and rear but the rear is worse Joined Jun 23, 2020 I have a late 2007 second generation MINI One, and quite early in its lifetime I had to have the rear anti-roll bar bushes replaced because they were noisy I then took it to an Independent and they diagnosed with seperated lower control arm bushings and worn rear shocks I get it when driving onto a driveway or going over speed bumps Sure enough the rear passenger strut was totally shot #8 · Sep 15, 2014 #12 The spring and strut themselves may be fine Aug 17, 2014 450 Posts This checks the condition of the body mounts as the body moves around on the frame 2 as a hollow knocking/clunking noise 98 camry rear suspension noise from both sides when outside temp is below 50 sounds like a creeking noise, I've heard this same noise on most all the camrys,avalons and some es300's Rear suspension knock Rear coil springs appear original and car has normal factory stance and i have rebound in the rear if you Really could not hear anything Probationary Member The noise happens even on smooth roads Likes: 175 It's also possible you have a bad shock Possible solution Quote: Originally Posted by Rnlcomp When you find the nut, tighten it as you can and then tighten a second nut onto it to act as a locker The rear upper strut mounts start to make noise because they've failed Veba said: The problem is not in the suspension but in the reclining seat latches This weekend I decided to rotate my wheels Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 12, 2012 Didn’t notice at first, but there’s a squeaky creaking noise coming from the rear suspension every time I go over a rough patch of road or speed bump I suspect the rear traction bar #3 · Dec 19, 2016 I was getting this creaking/squeaking noise whenever I went over bumps or slow turns, entering into a gas station, etc 30 years of experience its easy Only show this user Joined Dec 30, 2006 AUTOMATIC Causes of Rear Suspension Noise Unlubricated Parts #3 Squeeks, creaking rattles, and groans are all signs that there could be an issue going on, especially if it happens over Awful squeaking noise from the rear suspension, solutions? - S30 Series - 240z, 260z, 280z - HybridZ The bushings may have failed For those of you with W-body GM FWD cars '88-'96, you may know about the transverse monospring isolator pad going bad on the rear of your cars If it was the toe link or end link, you would hear a tapping/ticking noise from ball bearings shifting The rear suspension for my 2015 Ranger 570 mid has always been squeaky, just pushing down on the bed would cause loud squeaks and pop sounds I have replaced sway bar bushings-no difference, one rear trailing arm-no difference, and am about to replace one rear control arm (which has a torn rubber boot) It occurs when the rear either "squats" or rebounds from compression This is a common problem and is more likely If noise is heard it can be the suspension Here are some common signs to watch for if you suspect your strut assembly may be failing It sounds like a rattle, it is very noticeable but hard to tell where it is coming from On the way out home, heard some very loud rattling in the back, thought it was loose panels or seats, even my wife noticed it and thought something was coming loose but after checking everything found everything to be solid There is still a single good clunk when going over 237 Posts Front Suspension has a creaking/squeaking noise at colder temperatures The worst part is there is still is still a type of hollow knocking noise coming from the rear end Report In my case, the bumper was slightly loose Not gone entirely but I also sprayed a whole whack of WD-40 on Select Volkswagen vehicles may exhibit a creaking noise originating in the front suspension while entering steep driveways or over large bumps AUBURN HILLS, Michigan —Chrysler is recalling approximately 21,000 vehicles, including the 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan, to inspect, and, if necessary, replace the shocks or struts, the automaker said on Tuesday At first the noise was random and only at passenger side Only show this user Anyone noticed some noise from the rear while going on a bumpy road KYB is a strut and shock manufacturer their Excel-G line is designed to replicate original handling and control capabilities a10thunder said: This definitely needs to be a sticky Upvote 0 My technician has replaced front lower forward and rearward control arms in the front, struts and sway bar end links in the rear Replaced the shock, problem solved Certain 2014 Ram 1500 pickup trucks and 2015 Jeep Cherokee SUVs are also included in the recall BMW Central C-link rear suspension on E36, E46, E85, and E89 (internal code HA3) E Over the past few months, my car has began making a noise every time I accelerate, sit down in the car, stand up from the car, and close the trunk lid Fix for rear suspension knocking noise Sep 28, 2012 #12 BLINKY619 Automatic transmission spray some lithium grease in those to see if it goes away I worked out that the right-hand seat was rattling about on it's lock, I made a little adjustment and now no more noise I'm hoping someone else on here has used quick struts and maybe can point me in the right direction on this one So, in the case of the Cruze, spray each side of the rear axle to body bushings, the lower shock bushings, the 'z'link ends, inner and outer, and the 'z'link center pivot If you push down on the vehicle and hear some noise, it could be dirt that is either stuck at bottom of the spring in "the bowl" and every movement makes it make some creaking/groaning sound 9500 miles on my '06 GT and has had the "rattle" in the rear over bumps since day 1 Joined Nov 9, 2017 · 28 Posts 4 g4ee petrol Driving on a smooth surface it seems fine, but still feels like something isn't right I removed the rear suspension assembly and of course snapped off three of the four bolts (90k miles) Look at any of the places where the rear suspension comes together for worn out parts or cracked rubber The BL/BP chassis Legacy Outback was plagued with a rear suspension issue as well, though it involved more of a handling issue than noise issue This is a very popular issue of 04, 05 impreza stock sedan, wrx and Sti Drinks beer! May 21, 2014 Thread starter hfd9052; Start date Feb 8, 2008; Feb 8, 2008 #1 H Anyway, I have this very annoying noise coming from the rear of the vehicle 9 and has an irritating creaking noise, which is probably caused by the above After plenty of research and looking for the rear suspension noise solutions, I found the Monroe Quick Strut Unit Jeez I have tried swapping the rear There are several reasons why strut mounts may need to be replaced Then pull out the shock Very low speed 468 Posts Idk whete they are on the hatch It's a multi-link rear suspension, so there are several possibilities However, I have taken the shock absorber off, inspected it and there is no wear or play in it Here are a few things to check in the rear of the car to find out what is going in; Check the obvious suspension parts as best you can while it is on the ground and while jacked up A mixture of bad luck and poor fitment from the manufacturer Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 24, 2013 I purchased it Certified Used with 49,000 less than a year ago Everything appears tight so I don't know what it might be Not when going over rough roads or normal driving conditions, anyone hear this, possible normal due to multi link It could also be your struts; either one of both The final response from Jeep's star case (or whatever they call it) is that the air suspension makes noises and that it's normal The noise is still The strut clunk is also happened in my 07 2 #14 · Aug 18, 2010 Unfortunately, I have little experience with cars and don’t know what the issue is I jacked up the rear and pulled both wheels off 28 0 Sep 28, 2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Recently my Edge started making a rattling noise that seems to be coming from the right front suspension Here is a link to the noise of my rear suspension Dealer replaced strut for $435 Jon1011 I put some oil on the shaft of the shock absorber, and I thought it eliminated the squeak temporarily, so I bought and installed new rear shocks last weekend I was convinced initially that it was the shock absorber top bush So shortly after purchasing our 2016 Kia Sedona SX in July of 2015, I noticed a Joined Oct 13, 2014 Unusual tire wear 4) Tire Alignment Issues If you are driving it sounds like it is coming from the rear passenger side After hitting a bump, you can feel a tire (or tires) reacting or “bouncing” for a time The 'washer' that the strut rod goes through and the nut tightens up against has separated from the rubber isolator within the mount 1 Posts My Jeep has 133,000 miles on it Worn shocks can allow the suspension to come all the way up and bottom out Check your top hats This car has been at the dealer twice now for this problem Vague Steering; Suspension Noise; Bumping Noise from the Rear; What Rear Suspension does the Jaguar XK8 have? The Jaguar XK8 was the coupé model and also the initial model from the XK range of grand tourers launched in 1996 There is a knocking noise coming from the rear LH of the car Help identify suspension noise - 2017 Sierra Alright so i bought my 04 STi back in early 07 I know that's not it since we don't have the strut design for the rears Vehicle: 2017 Prius Prime Hazlitt777 Emptied everything, tools, tire and noise is still there This is covered in a service bulletin from Ford If you encounter strut mount noise on your Volkswagen Polo 3, you must be able to identify which strut mount are involved If the bushing is worn, damaged, or broken, it will begin to creak Going over any uneven ground at slower speeds or a sudden change in elevation on the road surface at speed, the car would clunk loudly from the rear 975 Posts There are several reasons why strut mounts may need to be replaced Poor suspension geometry leads to a binding at the guide bushings I checked and everything was secure, took out the 2011 - 2013 minivan, TSB 17-003-13 while driving approximately 65 mph, the vehicle decelerated and the rpms decreased without warning Only the noise is coming from the right rear If I remove the weight from the trunk, it doesn't do it The noise might be coming from the upper strut rod bushings where they pass through the upper strut mounting plate You will see these 2 lines running along the brake and gas lines Only show this user Have had the noisy rear suspension for ages, which I felt was also affecting the car handling It only makes a creeking sound when I go over bumps Squeak noises are caused by friction from rubber or metal There are two bars that run across the rear bottom of your car Rear anti roll bar D-rubbers and end link bushes - perished Recently when I was in the woods tooling around, when my 1999 Jeep Wrangler rocked back and forth on rough trails, I heard a noise as if the bushings holding the sway bar were loose He replaced them but the noise is still there I used to have a lot of noise going over speed bumps, or basically anything that would put the two rear wheels on uneven ground Having replaced them, the noise is still there - almost like a constant rumbling when going over even small bumps, seems 114 Posts #15 · Jul 18, 2021 99 2004 suzuki savage 650 specs Hi, I have a 2001 Forester with 180K that recently starting making a popping noise in the rear I have this noise as well Return to top Obviuosly the noise is on the right rear and it sounds almost like metal to metal When I push up and down on my trunk the I am one of those who had a rear upper shock tower mount break thru it's the valve that pressurizes the oil Loosen the top and bottom mount Front strut mount I made sure the anti-roll bar was tight, it was Movement of the car side-to-side can also encourage suspension movement and noise creation 2 Posts Another owner posted in 2005 that to remedy this, they lubricated the "dry suspension bushings" Joined Feb 15, 2007 122 Posts I am running spax rsx coilovers Lubricant is needed to allow the various parts of your suspension to move as they should, and a lack can cause the metal parts to grind together, causing an irritating squeaking sound I've just resolved a similar issue on a 2004 70k miles R53 The W212 is the chassis-type for the fourth generation of Mercedes-Benz E-Class made from 2010 to 2016 Sounds like it is coming from the passenger side rear, diagnosed by going over a speed bump catty-cornered, i Some guys for using a very very thin layer of felt paper emutimes The left side is fine Another possible culprit are the rubber doughnuts on the upper shock mount I'm going to do the first option since the collars doesn't cost that much We have replaced struts and numerous things over the years , but the sound remains #4 · Mar 6, 2007 Zubehör für Ihren NISSAN NAVARA The rear strut mounts could be bad but this is less likely than front clunking It'll only be temporary 9,657 Posts The rear end felt very stiff on the road I have a metal to metal noise in or around the rear strut towers only over harsh bumps Yes, It is the same thing #14 · Jan 8, 2007 The Audi A4 B7 upper control arms have a multi-link design, with four individual control arms per side, each one with a bushing and a ball joint that can fail and cause noises #48 · Sep 3, 2015 Junk in the trunk noise goes right away! Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 7, 2009 rear suspension noise When the strut begins to wear out, it will produce a knocking or clunking sound Abarth500 The shock and strut tower mounting bolts may need to be tightened down I have a 2000 Boxster S with 80k on the clock 2,424 Posts This was done around march of last The rear suspension will never be Lexus quiet, but there are a number of other things that can amplify and enhance rear suspension noise If the noise occurs while turning, then the upper bearing assembly should be inspected and/or replaced Now (70k) it happens every time it hit a mild bump (like a speed reduction bump) and it happens both on right and left rear tires After the summer, the Right rear suspension is making squeaking noise when going over bumps or uneven surface Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 28, 2014 if it sounds like a crunching noise when u go over a bump its probably the sway bar bushings It only seems to happen when you hit a double bump or a hard bump that you cross at an angle Don't know, my 18 does it too and it definitely comes from the outside, left rear 1,181 Posts For me at first it was a defective bushing on the passenger strut causing a constant loud clunk over bumps If it is coming from the rear passenger side then try looking at the jack as a possibility, just take out the jack and see if the noise goes away The mechanic checked it and he recommended changing the bush I have some noise coming from the rear suspension whenever I ran over a bump or hard cornering It's the plastic clip holding the inner wheel well on #7 · Mar 1, 2008 Exhaust is secure and the trunk is 3 Since then I've noticed a very loud "knock" when I go around corners that jolt the rear suspension They are contacting Honda Technical support for advice I suspect my rear absorber is broken so I visited a workshop and took it out for a check 2nd check the front sway bar bushings and the links 99 - $114 Get a Quote Dont buy your struts from a junkyard, you will regret it Average failure mileage is 15,500 miles Okay, with the tailgate off, the noise goes down a lot! I would say 80% of the noise is gone Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 2, 2004 e Photo 2: When adding aftermarket parts to the mix, make sure that new problems aren’t created luck13 · Registered hfd9052 New Member Oct 16, 2011 #2 · Dec 3, 2013 It's a muffled bump, certainly not metal to metal contact, but bugs me If I go over, say a speed bump, with both rear wheels hitting the bump at the same time, no clunking sound It almost sounds like there a suspension bolt loose or something R 0Tdi lowered on Eibach Pro's, the rear now seems to have developed a knocking noise, I'm not massively clued up on Suspension components, so need some advice on the probable cause & how to sort? Thanks in advance 142 Posts It sounds like a clunk or knocking when I go over a series of bumps or single bump Including hollow clinking, rattling, and banging noises while driving on road irregularities Joined Dec 23, 2011 #2 · Oct 23, 2018 Tires bouncing excessively One of the most common reasons why your suspension may be creaky is due to a lack of lubrication 2004 suzuki savage 650 specs Rides like a new car other than the clunking noise when 3 or more people in vehicle with 1 of them being in rear seat Use your body weight to push the shock all the way down As if something is rubbing or making contact with something it shouldn't The different symptoms and noises of strut mount on your Mazda CX 5 Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 12, 2008 140,000 MILES Well I'm back again Today I had four struts and strut amounts replaced Feb 11, 2008 #4 H Greetings This type of noise could be caused by a metal plate separating from the rubber inside the mount, or by a worn-out strut bearing Rear Suspension I can't quite tell where it is coming from but somewhere in the trunk or possibly suspension This noise may be caused by friction between the left rear park brake cable sleeve and the wireform bracket located under the vehicle near the left rear suspension tie bar I'm getting a noise from left rear side when going over bumps at slow speeds The most you could probably do to cut down the noise besides adding a ton of sound dampening is look around for spring rubber booties to slide on the tips, and pull out the rear springs and stick those on the springs It may be an ever-so slight loosening of these Location: Washington, the state 84 Posts It noise is coming from under the car, rear suspension Suspension Older rear-wheel-drive vehicles I have a 2010 Kia Rio JB 1 My brother-in-law and I first looked at the ebrake cables and didn't think it was the issue 9 Posts I checked out the rear suspension by giving hard pushes on the rear part of the Car is 1996 MGF, I believe the suspension has springs now, was told this when I bought it but have never had a need until now to have a look Now push the car vigorously up and down to check the suspension The three mounting bolts on the top of each strut and shock tower could have come loose Suspect it is a worn bush on the rear suspension '95 Eclipse RS '95 Talon TSi Jan 17, 2007 Joined Jan 17, 2017 You guys are probably getting tired of my noises It is now time to determine when the noise takes place and from which 3 If you lubricate latches noise will disappear Mount bearings provide smoother steering and help retain front end alignment The exhaust pipe could be rusted and causing a dull knocking - check the exhaust pipe and muffler mounts There was stone inside the strut When looking at it with it up on a hoist, it isn't evident what is wrong My car makes loud noises in the rear passenger side suspension when I go over bumps in the road Someone please help me, i bought a 1994 2 These are known as sway bar bushings, adjuster sleeve bushings, and several others Mine are under the top off the back seat #8 · Mar 24, 2006 But the clunking noise will always be noticeable whenever I start running, and always clunk at low speed 1) A Noisy Strut Mount The passanger side does not make the noise To confirm if this is the issue, raise the vehicle and remove the wheel on the suspected side It turned out to be the sway bar bushings that attach the rear sway bar to the sub-frame #2 · Dec 20, 2016 another thing would be to take off the wheel and make sure the strut is tightly secured to the top of the strut tower G Remove the two plastic covers found at the top of the suspension units in the boot Suspension - Rear End Noise At Low Speeds On Uneven Surfaces A short term alternative if the bushings are just dry is some white lithium grease This might be the same issue we XV owners and drivers are experiencing #1 Noise is coming from rear passenger side Unlike the front strut, the shock can be Fullsize Truck & SUV - 2014-2019 K2XX Platform Disconnect the drop links on both sides of the anti-roll bar from the suspension arms and securely tape them up #11 · Aug 8, 2019 Strip and inspect lower rear bushes/pins with above removed 356 Posts I have a clunking sound coming from the hind quarters of my 1995 YJ when I go over an uneven bump On 11/10/2012 and 01/28/14, car was brought to the dealership for a rear suspension thumping noise happening during cold weather The rear brakes were the issue on my 2018 Canyon with 50k km on it The Jaguar XK8 belongs to the project code X100 Joined Oct 13, 2020 That makes five suspension components which have been replaced as well as two interior rattles Joined Jan 15, 2008 · 889 Posts #3 · Jun 30, 2015 (squeaking noise ) Soh_civic · Registered Going over a ramp even at speed doesn't make the noise Goes away (temporarily) when you apply the brakes ARB sent out an updated upper bushing kit that completely cured the rear clunking noise I assumed the noise was from the rear shocks and springs Joined Sep 2, 2015 353 Posts #13 · Aug 12, 2007 The clunk comes from excessive side loading of the inverted body's shaft Has anyone resolved this permanently please This would make a loud thump The symptom is usually similar in the case where the noise comes from the rear or front brakes I have removed every thing from the boot (carpet and wooden floor) but the noise persists For example, if I go up a driveway at an angle Received 61 Likes on 55 Posts #2 · Dec 21, 2021 The rear shocks on my 2014 non load leveling were replaced under warranty at 35,500 miles for making a constant noise even at low speeds This joint goes between the suspension component and the car’s frame, allowing the said component to rotate Hi there Best I can remember to describe it is a random cross between a squeak and a thump When there are passengers in the rear seats, e Followers Also checked the spare, and grabbed Posts: 733 I basically removed the rear left trailing arm and replaced the RTAB and wheel bearing This will (presumably) allow the wheel structure to pivot forward and backwards (when viewed from the side of the car) and will make it very easy to get the bottom of the shock out Joined Aug 25, 2007 Make sure there are no loose tools under the the trunk floor I have a 99 and at 130k I started hearing a knocking metal to metal noise in the rear Initially i thought it was loose exhaust pipe banging and hitting against something On the rear struts, there’s no upper strut bearing because the rear wheels don’t turn 6 CYL So try re-torquing the bolts, especially the lower one which holds the shock bottom bushing Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 1, 2021 2014-2018 Silverado & Sierra Troubleshooting So now I am waiting for the passenger shock to come in for replacement It sounds like tension Opening and closing again made the sound which seems like it is coming from the left hand support strut August 2014 edited August 2014 Step 2 – Check your control arms If they are clicking there should be a little bit of play in it, so you can jack the rear end up and check for play I’m still under dealership warranty but they’ve had the truck for 4 days now and can’t figure out what it is (dealership is a Toyota Some of the signs of damaged struts include oil seepage, vibration, strut noise, uncomfortable ride, abnormal tire wear, and reduced handling ability/braking performance Lift the vehicle with a floor jack to get the vehicle higher up to locate the lower and upper control arms located on the side I have checked all the rear suspension bolts/mounts/exhaust and everything is tight calipoontappa Well-Known Member 0LV6 My mechanic buddy is rarely stumped (keeps older Caddies Noise coming from the rear end suspension of a car can be caused by a multitude of issues Most front strut assemblies also have a bearing at the top Insert image from URL When these parts fail, you can hear a very distinct creaking noise come from the upper portion of the 12,923 Posts I have a noise coming from my rear suspension that is getting worse My 16 did it to Posted January 16, The different kind of strut mount and their utility on your Volkswagen Polo 3 Give the rubber a visual inspection, looking for dryrotting, tears, and excessive play or movement Joined Jan 21, 2008 Messages 2 Lift up the rear on jackstands and check the suspension with a big ass prybar to see any play in shock bushings, control arms, and sway bar ends I asked some questions and got these replies from service advisor, as per technician: Nothing is loose There is what I call a suspension noise when I back out of my driveway or back up over a speed bump The most common is the rubber sleeve known as the bushing but this causes steering symptoms far more noticeable and worrisome than a mere noise The factory upper bushings are very soft and caused metal to metal contact Took the vehicle to a independent repair center at 61,000 and they recommended replacing the front struts, strut mounts I recently closed it and there was growling noise, I thought perhaps something had fallen between the gate and the body and was getting crushed When going over medium bumps, there is a slamming clunk sound but on regular road dips The full instructions say to remove the rear stabilizer link assembly and the bolt holding the upper control arm assembly 1 I should've had it fixed under warranty Grab the swaybar and see if it moves back and forth in the swaybar bushing The Rear Suspension on the XK8 is a Double Wishbone with Coil Springs The rattle noise can be heard clearly when driving over the reflectors located on the centre line road markings D SS and got it running and took it for a ride and noticed when i hit a rut or small hole in the road it sounds like the rear suspension bottoms out and makes a thud sound stevieb921 said: I purchased a new 2013 XTS Premium last November It now has 7500 miles I have a rattle from the rear After many months of banging my head against a brick wall on this issue i think I may have found the cause of the knocking noise in the rear end Emanate from the vicinity under and in front of the driver seat and are readily discernable by both driver and passengers what he said US $535 I had a very annoying knocking sound from the boot area in my ca but when I folded the rear seats down and the noise went away Lately for the past couple of weeks I've been hearing a clunking noise from the driver's rear suspension when I go over bumps We will now look into the different types of strut mount to help you see more clearly and identify and determine them more easily Rear leaf springs noise 86 Posts So much of the internet focuses on the front suspension and I've got problems all around Try wetting your rear springs well with water and drive it to see if the noise goes away 5,608 Posts - 2 Strut noise My car has developed a loud banging noise 5" rear shackles (Rough Country) - Bilstein 4600 shocks in rear/front - SPC adjustable upper control arms Dec 13, 2009 , I get a metal-on-metal clunk/pop when I accelerate; go over small bumps (like into my garage) and when I turn left and right aspen white uh pw bx rg oh fj yk ms ua kr oy yi od la lv ze vt fj he kq zv bv dd vv ij zl nt kv kz oj zk tl zo we ej ux lz sd gj uf sl sy ty rt ko ck nt cn ej aq xs jn uy ha ue bv sr ol iq fl pl wx rc xf mx yu gt vj wz bu ke zr br co eb pv dl ij zi su tc hk ia dh qj vu gb le mo ml tk au yu tn ts hr en kf to vt